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Missi seatedI’m Missi…really, Melissa, but nobody calls me that except my mom, and sometimes Emma. I’m originally from Conyers. GA, and I now live in Birmingham, AL. I attended college at Samford University, where I received a Bachelor of Music degree that I have basically never used. Samford is what brought me to Birmingham, and meeting my husband there is what has kept me here. I’m married to Lee Wimberly–we tied the knot in 1996. He’s a busy doctor who practices hospital medicine at St. Vincent’s East. We have 5 children who I affectionately refer to as the W5: Noah, Ivey, Emma, Abby, and John Lee. If you decide to keep up with this blog, you’ll get to know them well. My family is the love of my life!

As for things I enjoy, college football is high on the list. I’m an avid Georgia Bulldog fan, and at times I’m admittedly obnoxious about it. (I’m working on that.) I love reading, music, writing, singing, dancing, baking, and encouraging others. I also love watching The Bachelor, and not because I agree with the premise of the show. I like it because, no matter how many seasons it airs, I can’t get over the number of women who are willing to subject themselves to that craziness. I’m passionate about my faith in Jesus and love to share it with a willing listener. I enjoy working out most of the time–sometimes I think exercise is what has kept me sane for the last 16 years. I’m a runner and former fitness instructor, and at this point, just hopeful I can maintain what strength and stamina I have.  I’m turning 40 this year (insert despair) and thus, it’s not as easy as it used to be! More than anything, I enjoy being at home with my family. The older I get, the more of a homebody I become. As my children get older, I deeply cherish the times all seven of us are together.  Seven = heaven. These are fleeting, precious days!


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  1. Missi Ivey Wimberly you are precious and only wish God’s richest blessings upon you, Dr. Wimberly and the W5. You keep us ole’ ladies in check.

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